2017 Annual Meeting of Stockholders

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Meeting Information

Date:April 20, 2017
Time:9:00 A.M., Central Time
Place:Regions Bank
Upper Lobby Auditorium
1901 Sixth Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Record Date:February 21, 2017

Meeting Materials
2017 Proxy Statement PDF   Add to Briefcase
2016 Annual Report on Form 10-K PDF   Add to Briefcase
2017 Chairman's Letter PDF   Add to Briefcase

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Voting Results

Proposals Voting Results
1. Election of DirectorsMajority Approved all nominees
2. Ratification of Appointment of Independent Registered Public Accounting FirmMajority Approved the appointment of Ernst & Young LLP
3. Nonbinding Stockholder of Executive Compensation ("Say-on-Pay")Majority Approved the resolution


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