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Regions’ minimum cash requirements, by policy, utilizes a two step measurement process that requires the parent to maintain sufficient cash to cover the greater of (1) 18 months debt service and other cash needs or (2) a minimum cash balance of $500 million.

Payments Due by Period

*This information will be updated annually with filing of 10-K



Regions Financial Corporation (“Regions” or the “Company”) and Regions Bank are required to comply with regulatory capital requirements established by Federal and State banking agencies. These regulatory capital requirements involve quantitative measures of the Company’s assets, liabilities and certain off-balance sheet items, and also qualitative judgments by the regulators.

Transitional Basis Basel III Risk-Based Capital Rules March 31, 2018(1) To Be Well
Basel III common equity Tier 1 capital:         
   Regions Financial Corporation 11.11%   N/A  
   Regions Bank  12.92   6.50%  
Tier 1 capital:         
    Regions Financial Corporation  11.92%   6.00%  
    Regions Bank 12.92   8.00  
Total capital:        
   Regions Financial Corporation  13.74%   10.00%  
   Regions Bank 14.29   10.00  
Leverage capital:         
   Regions Financial Corporation  10.05%   N/A  
   Regions Bank  10.90   5.00%  

(1) Current quarter ratios are estimated.

In addition to the above Basel III risk-based capital measurement, regulators are supplementing their assessment of the capital adequacy of a bank using tangible common stockholders’ equity and the related tangible common stockholder’s equity to tangible assets ratio.  While not proscribed in amount by Federal banking regulators, we believe that it is useful to provide investors the ability to assess Regions’ capital adequacy under this same basis.


Other Capital Measurements Marc 31, 2018(1) To Be Well
Tangible common stockholders' equity (non-GAAP)(2)(3):        
   Regions Financial Corporation $10,051   N/A  
Tangible common stockholders' equity to tangible assets (non-GAAP)(2):        
    Regions Financial Corporation  8.98%   N/A

(2) See reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP financial measures in the most recent 10-Q or 10-K.

(3)  Dollars in millions.



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