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Regions' five core values guide everything we do:

  • Do What Is Right
  • Put People First
  • Reach Higher
  • Focus On Your Customer
  • Enjoy Life

At Regions, we are committed to improving and building on the company's already strong corporate governance practices. These values guide our relationships with customers, associates, stockholders and the communities we serve, and they also provide the foundation to how we approach corporate governance.

Regions' Board of Directors and Executive Management Team work together to ensure we are in compliance with laws and regulations as well as to provide guidance for sound decision-making and accountability. Another component to Regions' approach to corporate governance is our corporate culture. Regions strives to conduct business according to the highest moral standards, as evidenced by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Our associates and Directors take this Code of Ethics seriously and are mindful of "Doing What Is Right." We foster an environment of openness and take every opportunity to protect our culture by aggressively promoting Regions' core values to associates. And we do this because it is the right thing to do, and our customers, stockholders, communities and associates expect it if they are to continue to give us their trust and confidence.

Results are important, and how we achieve those results is equally important. This principle drives our commitment to keeping public trust and support of our company.

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